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About Lily Holistic

The Lily Holistic Centre is run by Joan Buckley and located
in Cork Ireland.

For many years I have been blessed by teachers, healers,
and those in the spiritual realms who have come into my
life just when I needed them, helping me remember my soul’s
purpose and discover my true self.

Having been greatly assisted and supported I now wish to
serve others on their journey.
I passionately believe
that we all have so much potential; we just need to find the
tools to release it. I am committed to helping people discover
their own power and purpose, and live the life of their dreams

Today, I offer workshops, mentoring programs, guided
meditations and journeys to support your awakening.

I am an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, Angel
Energy Healing practitioner, a Reiki Master, transformational
workshop leader and a certified teacher in the philosophy of
Louise L. Hay


Testimonials from Workshops and Training

“This is by far the best Angel workshop I’ve done.The teacher was fabulous”

“Joan is extremely intuitive and kind. A fabulous experience and well worthdoing.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“A very relaxed atmosphere. Joan is very calm and delivered the
course so beautifully.”

“It was excellent and mind opening. Delighted I came”

“Joan is a fountain of knowledge and has such a lovely interesting
way of getting the message across”

“Have done many workshops and found this great. Joan is confident,
articulate and most of all spiritual. Got a lot out of the day.”

“Joan has a lovely presence about her and makes the class very
enjoyable and relaxing"

“Joan is a wonderful teacher and the balance of theory and practice was perfect”

“An amazing day of healing”

“Very informative, very powerful connection with Angelic energy”

“Thank you for bringing this new exciting gift into my life”

“A wonderful experience, life changing and inspiring”

“Joan is a great teacher, easy to talk to and very aware and attuned
to what was going on for all of us"



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